Friday, January 17, 2014

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In a plot device known as Chekhov's Milk --- (actually, it's a gun)  --- the daily glass of milk Lois was warned to drink (to guard against superpower side-effects) -- *gasp!* -- goes undrunk.  Now she may be invulnerable, but with bad teeth.  Or, ... something else might happen ...

Next morning, the TV talks to Lois, screaming metaphorically that Supes evidently doesn't care about all the effort she went to to make herself his perfect pound-proof pet.  And in a significant scene, later that day, he tells her and Lana about a deadly Green-K gun in a secret stash.

Anybody guess where this weird story is going next?  Remember that splash page.

Sure enough, a red wig will make Lois an identical match for Lana.  That's a great plan!  It's not as if Superman might use any of his OTHER TEN THOUSAND SUPER-SENSES to notice that you are really Lois, Lois!

And, "just across the state line"?  There's your plot hint, Gentle Reader!  Across the state line ... into The Twilight Zone!

Feel free to zoom in on these drawings of Lois-as-Lana.  It sure looks like, TO MY EYES, that these are not drawings of the established Lois face, and then given red hair.  No, those two top panels show Kurt Schaffenberger's typical Lana.  Subtle that I noticed, no?  

Evidently Lois' ploy worked, because in four panels we see Lana convicted -- OF SUPERMAN'S MURDER -- and given a magic chair ride.  Wow, don't Lois look positively DEMONIC in that last panel?  What's next in this twisted tale of jealousy and (so far) double murder?

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