Friday, March 29, 2019

March Mazeppa Madness Ends ... NOW

Another side of the great G. Ailard S. Artain is exposed in the above Tulsa World article from November 5, 1972.

The owl in the photo may be the one used in the commercial title card captioned, "The Uncanny Film Festival Continues."

And, while I've never met the man, I probably would have been another one of those "smart alecky teenagers who, in an effort to be funny, succeed in just being obnoxious."  Those who know me best will assure you that this characteristic is not native to only teens.

Regarding the film-TV career boom, I must confess that I haven't seen Nashville or Hollywood Knights.  I can tell you that Sartain should have received a Supporting Actor Oscar for his portrayal of the Big Bopper in the 1978 The Buddy Holly Story.

And so we reach an end to this year's March Mazeppa Madness.  Rest assured, trembling fans, that there are plenty more Mazeppa scrapings -- I mean, press clippings -- where these came from.  You'll have to wait until 2020 to see more ("see more" -- "20/20" -- get it?).

Come back Monday, April 1st, for the commencement of 2019 April Foolishness!  Until then … happy Lawzees, Turkeys and Turkettes!

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

No Longer Lost!

This article is from the October 10, 1992 Tulsa World.

I must say that I am a shameless possessor of all four volumes.  But them now!  You can't go wrong!

You may purchase from  In case you wondered, these "tapes" are now DVDs.

Do it now.  Your children and descendants yet unborn will thank you!

Lawzee, you turkeys!  Come back on Friday for the final round of this year's March Mazeppa Madness!

Monday, March 25, 2019

Markzeppa Must Not Die!

The latest appearance of the dread Markzeppa happened last year, at SoonerCon 27.
Who can say which has faded more -- the costume-wearer or the costume!

You will notice the slight upgrade, the boxing gloves -- a new purchase at an area purveyor of slightly used merchandise.

See you back here on Wednesday for more Mazeppa history!

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