Monday, February 05, 2018

Volume 1 of The Moody Blues’ Bio Is Released!

            Another great book from the mind of Marc Cushman (with a little help from yours truly) has arrived!

            Before I was asked to edit Marc Cushman’s book (now two volumes) about the Moody Blues, I knew very little about them, nor really cared.  I was a Beatles/Emerson, Lake & Palmer/Jethro Tull guy, as far as Britmusic went.

            But, despite myself, I came to learn a lot about this group whose music made a big WHAM! of an impact on pop culture. Marc documents the madness, hopes, disunion, and waves of popularity.  Most of this was news to me!

            I have a new appreciation for their music, especially since I’ve learned so much about the people and stories behind the songs.

            Through the kazillions of words from the Moodies, their friends, their family, and entertainment types, I learned tons of fascinatin’ info.  I came to know a lot about the group, and the thoughts of the members.

            Each wave of young consumers finds its own way to express its own feelings of joy, love, discovery, contemplation. For millions, the Moody Blues were the best at putting these thoughts and emotions into music and words.

            Whether you’re a Moody Blues fan when you finish – that’s up to you. But you’ll be thankful you started the journey. I know I am!

TRUTH IN REVIEWING:  I am the editor of this book.

(Forgive the low-res screengrabs from my digital, editing version:)

            From 1964

            To 1978

            ... You’ll learn gazillions of fascinating stories about the Moody Blues.  I promise!

See you next Monday for a special Valentine's music compilation!
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