Wednesday, February 28, 2007

More Pages from the Superman Movie Book

Here's the centerfold of the book, part of the "special color insert section," concerning production art of the "flight over Metropolis" sequence, and the finished shots.

Notice that in the storyboard / artist's conception, you can't see Superman's face, and Lois's face area is just a watercolor wash. Nothing personal, Miss Kidder!
I think it's also interesting to look at "the lights of the city." Note that the look and layout of the background -- a big flat area leading to a far-off horizon -- looks a lot like all the millions of "night shots" of LA from a distance, as featured in dozens of films and TV episodes. I doubt that the big city of Metropolis would look like that from the air! Where are the skyscrapers?
Another interesting thing about the concept art is how sketchy-looking Superman and Lois look, when compared to the city lights. Looks like more work was spent dabbing the lights in perfect gridlines, than was spent on painting the stars of the movie!

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Amazing Facts Your Friends May Not Know!

Here are more pages from The Great Superman Movie Book .

Note that the "deleted scene" mentioned on the second page, involving Lois jumping out a window, is one of the scenes restored in the Superman II Donner Cut.
See you later, Super-Gators!
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