Thursday, April 02, 2009

Lew Luthor Invented the Wii -- in 1961!

Howdy Friends and Campers. Herewith presented for your bemusement is a tale from Superboy #86, cover-dated January, 1961.

The cover (by the Swanderful Curt of course) looks pretty promising, but the tale inside is pretty insipid.

Lex Luthor decoys Superboy to a deserted asteroid.

Using the Wii that he's invented(powered by the helmet he's wearing, NOT by a handheld controller), Luthor manipulated various things in the environment to make things *pretty dicey* for Superboy.

When Krypto arrives to help his master, there's enough Kryptonite for all!

The day is saved by Lightning Lad from the Legion of Super-Heroes, who happened to be viewing the past at the right time to zip back to the 20th Century and save the Boy and His Dog.

Pretty Winathian-ex-Machina, if you ask me.

But check out the story's art by Superboy regular George Papp.

You'd have to call Luthor's gadget very Wii-ish, no?

Lex was saying "whee" until his plot was foiled, huh!?!
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