Thursday, November 19, 2020

Superman and JFK

It only made sense for DC's hottest super-star, the Man of Steel, to find common ground with the real-life American super-star president, JFK.  Such a cross-promotion could only help each side!

However, the disaffected folks in positions of power in the US government proceeded with murdering the President on their own pace.

This article's from Amazing Heroes #184, October 1990, by fan Mary Smith.

And here is a blurry photo of my copies of these two issues.
A few years ago, the OKC library system allowed me to fill a display case with some of my super-stuff.  One of the comics I showed off was Action #309.  I supplied this typed caption:
See you again on Monday, everybody!

Monday, November 16, 2020

Super Clothes #7: Sears Has Everything! (except stores)

The kid clothes and PJs in this installment all came from Sears.

This long-sleeved flannel-type boy’s outfit is size 10. In a stunning piece of allegorical art, Superman appears to be flying out of an upside-down ice-cream cone in outer space. And he’s carrying a tumbleweed which is on fire!
This boffo robe has all your favorites! That’s assuming your favorites are Superman, Captain Marvel, or Batman, of course.

This more understated robe is labeled size 12-14. But, as modeled by six-year-old Araya Sunshine, that sizing is probably not accurate.

Well, that’s all the sartorial super-splendor for now, friends! See you next time!
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