Monday, April 09, 2018

Stylin’ on the Southside

            In January of 2017, I was tooling along through my side of OKC ... the much-maligned SOUTH SIDE.

            Here I was, drivin’ along on a Thursday afternoon, when I pulled up at the light at SW 44th and Pennsylvania.

            I casually roamed my eyes and saw a puzzling sight:

            What were those people doing over there next to the pawn shop?

            When I deciphered the image, I grabbed my old (and I mean old) phone, and was able to get the photo you see above.

            What were these folks doing? you may ask.

             Why, the person on the right was wielding electric hair clippers.  While the person on the left supervised, the person in the center was getting their head shaved.

            As the guy sings in “Stairway to Heaven,” “And it makes me wonder ...”

            Now you can wonder, too!

           Of course, ours is the same municipality which is content to leave a fire hydrant lying in the grass for months at a time, at SW 58th and Western ...

            I’m kind of surprised that somebody hasn’t tried to steal it and sell it as scrap metal.

            See you next Monday for more APRIL  FOOLISHNESS!

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