Thursday, December 03, 2009

Adventures of Superman TV Music

If you’re a good Super-fan, you know about the release on CD, a few years ago, of some of the background music from the George Reeves Adventures of Superman TV series.

This music came from a company called MUTEL ( from Music for TELevision), which adapted several scores from obscure B movies and other sources, and re-packaged them as background music for the then-new technology of television.

Well, the commercial CD was only SOME of the music. I have more for you!

Maybe twenty years ago or more, Starlog magazine ran a feature about this music, including an address in NYC. I wrote to that address and bought two cassettes of music that had been featured on Adventures of Superman.

When the commercial CD came out, I bought it, and then I dug out my cassettes from long ago. After some comparative listening, I came up with just over an hour of music that I had, that was NOT on the commercial CD. (I can’t guarantee NO duplications, but I’m pretty sure.)

So, being the “psycho completist” that I am, I just had to assemble a CD of these “missing” cues. And here it is, for you to share!

Also included are front and back CD covers and CD disc art.
Let me know what you think!
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