Monday, April 29, 2019

Plastino Plagiarizes Personally Proprietary Poses

            The legendary Superman artist Al Plastino (1921-2013) worked for DC Comics from 1948 until the 1970s, even contributing to the 1996 Superman’s Wedding Album.  He drew Supergirl’s origin story in Action #252.

            His style is distinctive, but more “cartoony” Curt Swan or Wayne Boring.

            Our topic today is Plastino’s penchant for self-plagiarization.  You see, he liked to repeat himself.

            Take for instance, two issues of Action Comics.

            Action #306 is cover-dated November, 1963.  While this fine cover art is by Curt Swan, the story inside is drawn by Al Plastino.

          Action #340, cover-dated August, 1966, introduced DC villain, the Parasite.   This time the cover art is by Plastino.

            For my argument, I’ll let the graphics do the convincing.

            Above:  From “The Great Superman Impersonation!” page 3, panel 4.

            Above:  From “Power of the Parasite!” page 12, panel 3.

            Another pair of images:
            “The Great Superman Impersonation!” page 3, panel 5.

            “Power of the Parasite!” page 14, panel 2.

            Let’s rotate the image for extra sarcasm:

            Pair number three:
            “The Great Superman Impersonation!” page 11, panel 3.

            “Power of the Parasite!” page 9, panel 1.

            Your honors, I rest my case.  Mr Plastino retraced his own art sometimes.  A crime?  No.  Something funny to notice?  Heck yeah!

            And this wraps up April Foolishness – 2019 Edition, campers.  Thanks for stopping by.  Please come back on Monday, May 6, for the beginning of the musical Month of May, which will feature a new music compilation every Monday and Thursday!
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