Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Quick Interruption -- Forwards or Backwards?

We interrupt this page-by-page parsing of Superman 171 to make a note of the last episode of this season on Smallville.

Did you also notice something fishy, optical-effectswise, in the teaser?

Look at this screencap and tell me what's wrong with this image of Clark's eye as he beholds the costume Martha Kent made for him.
That's right! The "S" should have been REVERSED as a REFLECTION in Clark's eye. Since the "S" shield appears normal in this REFLECTION, the only logical deduction is that Martha Kent sewed a Bizarro costume for her son. Because only a backwards "S" would reflect "correctly" in Clark's eye.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Never Had a Chance to Use These Coupons ...

Several times a year, this ad would appear in the DC titles. I knew that these parks were far away from ol' everyday Oklahoma.

Looking at the ad now, I see that the bottom coupon was also good at "Uncle Cliff's Familyland" in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where my Dad's folks lived for 20 years or more. Man! I wish I'd noticed that in 1964. My economy-minded Dad might have gone for it!

As far as "Palisades Park," I would have loved to have seen a giant Superman holding up the resort. A bit of trivia:

If you are familiar with the song "Palisades Park," sung by Freddy Cannon about this actual place --- did you know that the song was written by Chuck Barris of "Gong Show" fame?

Next -- the beginning of this issue's cover story!
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