Thursday, April 28, 2016

2016 April Foolishness Art Sources

The Rolling Hoop Superman image is from April, 1963's Action Comics #299 -- a story called "The Story of Superman's Experimental Robots!" with art by Al Plastino.

The other image, of Pa Kent munching on a toaster, is from March 1960's
Adventure Comics #270 -- by the way, that's actually an alien impersonating Jonathan Kent.  This dinner-table trick is how Superboy proves that this guy really isn't his adoptive father.  Art is by George Papp.

Put 'em both together, and you have ...

See you May 2nd!

Monday, April 25, 2016

More 1980s Movie Spoofs

Babar the Conanian:  Childhood hero Babar the Elephant gets tough, vowing vengeance on the hunters who raided the elephant’s graveyard.

King Conch:  In this Japanese import, a giant seashell threatens to level Tokyo.

Dart Trek:  Set in “the lost years” between Star Trek I and II, this film follows Commander Scott through the taverns of the galaxy in search of an opponent of equal dart-throwing skills.

Flashdunce:  After her pet mouse Algernon beats her in a maze, a mentally retarded woman takes ballet lessons with spectacular but tragically temporary results.

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