Thursday, September 30, 2021

It's October, a Day Early

Here are the art and date pages for October, from the 1971 PsychoFlairapy calendar.
I have always figured that the art was supposed to relate to the last day of the month.  I thought it was intended as  a Halloween image.
But now, 50 years later, it reminds me of The Giant Claw!

The last image is the calendar page as it truly appears.  Columbus Day also happened to be the birthday of a wonderful gal named Kim (another participant in Godspell the next year).

Remember, this year 2021 has the same days-of-the-week as 1971.  So this calendar will work if you print it out right now!  Get after it, kiddies!

See you right back here on Monday, for the commencement of 
See you then!  If your heart can take it!

Monday, September 27, 2021

PARD's Third Hand

This is the penultimate crowd of images which greets me every time I view the desktop of good ol' PARD.
Once more I challenge you to ID all the images.

See you Thursday, fiends and nay-brrs!

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