Tuesday, May 11, 2010

What a Relief!

Now, let's review. That goofball Mr Mxyzptlk zapped Superman with "The Curse of Magic," causing every little off-the-cuff remark made by the Man of Steel to come literally true -- as when he foolishly sang "London Bridge Is Falling Down" with some kids and made it happen in real life.
Now, he tried to shut up child star Baby Darlene's tantrum by reading to her. Unfortunately, when he said, "Twinkle twinkle little star," she started to!
A super-brainstorm ensued, when Supes recalled how reverse naming cancelled Mxy's magicks. So he tried, "Namrepus!"
D'oh! That didn't work either! But wait ... The Source of Magic probably knows our Super-Guy's REAL name -- Kal-El.
Let's try THAT backwards -- ding-ding-ding! We have a winner!
And, Superman muses as he flies away, once again a pair of "L"s has figured in his life, as he ruminated the day before at the beginning of this story.
The bottom half of the page is an ad for Tootsie Roll Pops. Yum!
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