Monday, December 23, 2019

Walter's Book Is Coming!

Beaming Up and Getting Off:
Life Before and Beyond Star Trek
It's coming!  We're looking for a May release date for the expanded memoirs of Walter Koenig, star of stage and screenplay, director and producer … and famous as the mean ol' Bester on Babylon 5 and the valiant semi-young Chekov in Star Trek.

Here are a couple of screengrabs from the book.
Walter's book Warped Factors came out in 1997.  Here is the entire text of that book, updated and revised, along with ninety-some new pages from Walter's (by turns wry and heartfelt) pen.  He discusses cons, stage work with Mark Lenard, many short films or episodes he's written, produced, or appeared in, and all with a most wonderful point of view.
I sure would like to see The Actor!

Walter writes with a super-engaging voice.  He's seen so much wacky behavior, and produced some himself, mixed with things that cause disappointment, anger, or simply jaw-dropping incomprehension.  The great news is that his adventures have driven him to compassion for us nudnicks -- not despair over the human race (like Ambrose Bierce for example).

Yes, mixed in with Walter's Hollywood adventures are oh-so-human frights and heart-stopping achievements.  And it's so fun to read about them because Walter's style is so compassionate yet sarcastic.

Yes, you'll also read about his comic-book work, and the fan films, and … buy the book and find out!
The book goes to press after the turning of the New Year.  If you like insider showbiz memories, or pop culture, or just plain human beings, you will love reading this book.  Judging only by my five minutes or so of phone chats with him, this is a guy whose time on the Earth has molded a fun person.

BTW, I was thrilled to both edit and design this book.

The Jacobs/Brown webpage for the book is here ...

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