Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Superman in Oklahoma City !

Included in the 448 Page Super Heroes Big Big Book is a section involving Superman battling a new earthquake machine devised by Lex Luthor.
For no reason at all, Lois and Clark are sent to Oklahoma City, where Superman rescues some collapsing oil derricks. "An earthquake? In Oklahoma? Not impossible -- but it's not exactly common, either!" he thinks.

In the second panel presented here, doesn't it look like those derricks are in front of the (non-domed) OKC capital building?
Here's my guess. This coloring book, as you'll recall from a previous post, is copyright 1980, which is during the tenure of "Mr. Superman Know-It-All" for DC Comics, E. Nelson Bridwell.
I'd say that Mr. B might have had a hand in the assembly of the stories in this here kiddie book. And since E. Nelson Bridwell grew up in Oklahoma City, the depiction of the capital building surrounded by oil derricks is precisely the kind of thing he would have "dropped into" the story.
What do you think?

Monday, January 15, 2007

Well, at Least ONE Part of the "Legend"!

Here's another page from the "Official Metropolis Ediition" Amazing World of Superman tabloid.

Any guesses on artists? It's a sure bet that Toyman and Puzzler are by Super Swan. Brainiac's grin reminds me of Irv Novick.

And who is this Puzzler clown? Checking Movie Poop Shoot's Comics 101 feature ( , we see a reference to the Puzzler in the 1940s and 1950s. The accompanying art is by Wayne Boring, so I guess this goofus really existed!

Although I agree with their comment that he appears to be a third-rate Riddler clone.

Although this page is titled "The Superman Legend," there's a whole lot more to Big Blue than baddies. We'll probably find out more next time!

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