Monday, March 27, 2017

Breathless Possibilities

Here's another selection of "mystery paperbacks."  That is, they're about the wonders or stupidities supposedly to be found in this unexplainable cosmos.

 Another of Brad Steiger's jaw-drop fests, reporting on actual things he might have heard that may have happened.
 From the files of Occult Review magazine, these tales of maybe ghosts and possible precognition will have you doubting either your worldview, or the writer's veracity.
 Veteran of the spooky overnight tale of boogeymen and saucers, Nebel can tell a story.  The racy implications of a foreword by Susann cannot be overestimated.

Biologist Ivan T Sanderson had a wide-range of interests and a laudably open mind.  Sometimes he was too credulous in evaluating the reports of others, but his dry sense of humor meld with the portentous possibilities of his speculations to make for an interesting read.

Note the cover comment by an earlier possessor of More "Things", written next to Sanderson's name.  Not the kind of blurb an author wishes!

See you Monday for this New Year's edition of ....

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