Thursday, July 17, 2008

Lookie Lookie, A Flying Saucer Man!

Kevin Randle, the same fellow who co-wrote UFO Crash at Roswell and a few other tomes, edited this book, Faces of the Visitors, which shows
dozens of sketches of alien critters as described by their breathless witnesses. The only thing to say is, Either there are multitudes of alien races all "happening" to drop in on li'l old Earth, or they're all a bunch of danged shapeshifters, mebbe.

David Knight's book, UFOs: A Pictorial History from Antiquity to the Present, is a nifty compendium of sketches, photos, engravings (from newspaper reports of the 1897 Great airship Scare), and lots more.

Again we are left with the unbelievable conclusion that poor insignifcant Earth is on the receiving end of hundreds of differently shaped space vehicles.

Theories abound, from hogwash to complete acceptance of all comers. I myself tend to side with Jacques Vallee and John Keel, what's called "the Ultraterrestrial theory."

...Not the same as Ultra Tide.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Some Small Mysteries

Here are a few more covers to paperbacks about UFOs, Atlantis, and such.

According to this Charles Berlitz book, we've already been in the afterlife for the past nine years. Of course, Berlitz himself departed this earthly realm a few years ago, so now he knows for himself.

Of course, maybe the world won't end until it collides with another one, vide Velikovsky.

No matter what you think of Professor V's theories, it's downright boneheaded and stupid the way the "establishment" scientists bullied this book's "original" publisher into dumping the manuscript, AFTER accepting it.

William Corliss's books, unlike many "weird stuff" tomes, is just as it states, "a sourcebook."
Corliss documents truly strange occurrences, from freak weather to odd archaeological finds, and cites the original publications, NOT quoting Bob smith who quoted Joe Jones who read about it in Betty Barnes's book.
Reading books like these with an open mind can reawaken you to the wonders of God's creation, and how little we understand of most of it.
Of course, just as with the news or gossip, you should evaluate your sources.
I said an "open" mind, not a credulous one!
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