Friday, July 31, 2020

STAR TREK: The Motion Picture Promo Quiz

As part of their promotional push for STAR TREK: The Motion Picture, the guys at Paramount spent about a gazillion dollars on giveaways.

Some of that largesse made its way to the Oklahoma City Journal, which on December 3, 1979, ran a STAR TREK "Trivia Quiz."

I'm sure that the publicity flaks at the Journal recked not with the fanaticism of fanboys and -girls like me and other friends.  Above you can read my three pages of answers, including scholarly citations.
On December 11, the winners were named.  We were invited to stop by the Journal offices which I did with alacrity.

If the winners are ranked by levels of unnecessary detail, then I was outranked ONLY by the future Thunderchief himself, Larry Nemecek, then of Ada.  The late Tammy Bothel, of STAR OKC, was another winner.

And what did we win?
Well, I was invited to take TWO treasures from the stash at the Journal offices.  I chose the above STTMP poster, and the belt buckle seen below.
In the 40 years since its acquisition by inquisition, you can tell that we've had a bit of wear and tear on ol' Kirk and Spock.

Well, that wraps up this year's month of TREKKING WITH CLIPPINGS!  See you back here on Monday for a fresh, steamin' pile of ... yet to be determined.

You can read all about STTMP, including a chapter I wrote about its merchandising, in the brand-new book These Are the Voyages: Gene Roddenberry and Star Trek in the 1970s, Volume 3: 1978-80.

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

NEWS FLASH: Great Bird of the Galaxy Dead, Hates Kirk Anyway

On October 26, 1991, Gene Roddenberry knew for sure whether he had been correct in denying and mocking the idea of a Supreme Being.
In this article you learn that GR didn't like that the Star Trek he imagined wasn't the Star Trek people got to know.  When you put it this way, such resentment sounds silly.  Every creation to find a wide audience becomes "compromised" from its "original" intent, due to the audience's influence on the creators or presenters.

See you back here on Friday the 31st for our final installment of this month's TREKKING WITH CLIPPINGS!  Don't worry, there are still more than 150 more unshared tit-bits for future visits!

Monday, July 27, 2020

TREK Cartoons 03

These are all courtesy of Kevin Fagan's Drabble.  And they're all from 1985, as clipped by a wonderful mother who indulged too many of her youngest's obsessions.
 April 12, 1985 is above.
 Above is April 19, 1985.
And the last is from April 21, 1985.

See you on Wednesday for our penultimate installment of TREKKING WITH CLIPPINGS!
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