Monday, March 26, 2018

WATCHPANELS, Part the Fourth


One compulsive reader’s observations ...
after gazing into Watchmen for the umpteenth time



All right, I’ve got photons in my teeth and my wrist brace on ...

      This is a brief one, folks!

            For a change, in Chapter 4, the “chapter title” bar is the same as in bound editions.

           On page 3 we’re treated to an Osterman flashback to the August 7, 1945 New York Times.  Just for fun, I looked up the actual front page.

            As you might have imagined, in the real world of 1945 there wasn’t any way to get a “photograph” of a mushroom cloud into the papers so quickly.

            The black bar containing the epigraph is the same in comic as in bound editions, except: 

·         There are quotation marks in the comic.

·         In the comic, the clock-face image is black-and-white REVERSED – in the comic, the clock outline and hands are white, the clock face is black.

            Thanks for joining me in this nitpickery.  Eight chapters to go!

Be with us beginning next Monday and all throughout April, for ...

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