Thursday, June 10, 2010

Your Sun Has the Measles!

To save the scientists some time (and fuel costs for the super-missile), Superman goes for the idea of personally delivering the research package to the interesting faraway planet.
Isn't it nice of Lois to recap the Yellow/Red sun-superpowers dichotomy? Keep that in mind. Yellow sun GOOD, red sun BAD (as Boris Karloff might say).
Package delivered, Superman heads back toiwards Earth, until ... by a strange twist of fate ...
Uh-oh, check out the final panel of this page. A yellow sun that looks like it's catching the measles cannot be good!
One hint ... reread the title of this comic-book story!

Monday, June 07, 2010

Superman 171 Will Return Soon!

Dear friends, SoonerCon 2010 swept upon me with a total lackof disregard for sleep and spare time.

When I went back to worktoday for a new week, I was blessed with the chance to work 7AM-9:30PM nonstop, so I'm pooped again!

However, let me share this with you about next year's SoonerCon in Oklahoma City:
Yes, for next year we will welcome legendary fantasy artist Darrell Sweet, and welcome as our writer guest Tim Powers, author of Dinner at Deviant's Palace, The Drawing of the Dark, and many others, including a little book called On Stranger Tides, which happens to be the basis for the upcoming Pirates of the Caribbean 4: On Stranger Tides.
Thus SoonerCon 20, "Strange Tides."
More Supermanisms soon!
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