Friday, November 30, 2012

MA-26 - Break -Ins from Beyond!

Here's another anthology of songs about space exploration and encounters with critters from another world.

The theme for this CD is "break-in" records. Here's a definition from Digital meltdown:

"Essentially, “break-in” recordings are a specific type of novelty song. The gag is this: usually there is a brief clip of a song playing that is interrupted for some important breaking news (the break in). From there, it cuts to a reporter who is interviewing eye witnesses of an event, various experts about the event, or sometimes even fictional characters about whatever the breaking news has been reported to be. The responses to the reporter come in the form of snippets from popular songs of the time; in other words, there isn’t an actor playing the eyewitness, instead, you hear samples from various songs played back that respond to the reporter. That, in a nutshell, is what a break-in recording is."

Imagine somebody doing a "Dragnet" parody using Beatles songs:
DETECTIVE: Where was the victim when they were beaten to death?
SONG: "I saw her standing there."
DETECTIVE: Had you seen her before?
SONG: "Yesterday."
DETECTIVE: She was bludgeoned with a walking stick. What was it made of?
SONG: "Norwegian Wood."
DETECTIVE: Can I have your name for our records?
SONG: "I Am the Walrus."

This is the general idea, except instead of reading it, you'd hear snippets of the song cut in.

Here's a Wikipedia link to an article about Dickie Goodman, perhaps the best-known popularizer of the "art form."

Here are the songs:

1 - Marty on the Planet Mars Part 1 Martty 1954
2 - Marty on the Planet Mars Part 2 Martty 1954
3 - Santa and the Satellite Part 1 Buchanan and Goodman 1957
4 - Santa and the Satellite Part 2 Buchanan and Goodman 1957
5 - Destination Love Jan Davis 1958
6 - The Outer Space Looters Part 1 The Mad Martians 1958
7 - The Outer Space Looters Part 2 The Mad Martians 1958
8 - Flying Saucer the 3rd Buchanan and Goodman 1959
9 - Blast Off! Jimmie Haskell and His Orchestra 1959
10 - Comic Strip Rock N Roll Robert Ashley 1959
11 - Space Ship Dickie Goodman 1960
12 - Santa and the Touchables Dickie Goodman 1961
13 - Moon Gas Dick Hyman and Mary Mayo 1963
14 - The Flying Saucer Chickenman 1966
15 - Luna Trip Dickie Goodman 1969
16 - London, London Ceatano Veloso 1971
17 - Spaceship Spontaneous Combustion 1973
18 - Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft Klaatu 1976
19 - Hey ET Dicklie Goodman 1982
20 - The Martian Boogie Brownsville Station 1977
21 - The Ballad of William Robinson Bill Mumy 1997
22 - Return of the Flying Saucer Jon Goodman 1997
23 - I Took A Trip on a Gemini Spaceship David Bowie 2002
24 - UFO Darryl Rhoades 2005
25 - le flying saucer hat Chairlift 2008
26 - Flying Saucers Breakfast in Fur 2009

And the songs that aren't break-ins are a general mix of "space stuff."
And here is the link: 

Have fun, and see you next time!
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