Monday, June 14, 2010

What a Come-Down!

Well, Superman never suspected that amongst the strange properties of this sun was CHANGING COLORS TO RED!

Let's leave aside all sniffy, grown-up questions about how a mere change in color could denote an actual change in radiation. And never mind that even under a red sun, if this were an Earth-size planet, Supes should STILL be able to leap 1/8 of a mile and shrug off bursting shells.

Nope, somebody took a cosmic crayon and colored this star red. And, in an instant, the mighty, flying Superman takes a dive into the dust.

But, don't count this scientist's son out! He rewires some of the intruments in the survey package and sends a Morse code plea for help.

Back on Earth, it looks like that super-missile is going to come in handy after all! All Superman has to do is find a way to survive until help comes.

Then our hero sees a village of humanoids and figures he can maybe make friends. Famous last thoughts!

Just like Little Rabbit Foo-Foo, a cosmic caveman sneaks up on Superman and clonks him on the head. Uh-oh, now ol' Handsome Hairy wants some new duds ...

Stay tuned for our next chapter, "The Costume Cape-r, or: What's My Loin(cloth)"!
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