Thursday, January 07, 2021

I Wear a Mask

Why do you wear a mask?

I’ve been watching the 1990-91 The Flash complete DVD set slowly but surely. This show was well done, though watching it now feels like you’re watching a 1980s costume party. The hair, the colors, the clothes, the polyester! ...

The episode “Watching the Detectives” was first broadcast October 17, 1990. A private detective has been hired to investigate the mysterious vigilante known as “the red streak,” because he’s not known as “the Flash” yet.

The Flash tracks PI Megan Lockhart to her surveillance van and basically shames her into explaining her assignment and client (who is, we learn, a corrupt politician who doesn’t want the Flash stirring up trouble for his various skeezy schemes).

Lockhart asks the expected question: “If you’re a good guy, then why do you hide behind a mask?” Barry Allen’s response: 
You may find it ironic that the Flash’s costume covers everything EXCEPT the part covered by a face mask nowadays.

Ah, for the simple days of 1990! Please be safe and considerate of others in 2021, and always!

See you on Monday. 

Monday, January 04, 2021

Happy New Year! Welcome to 1971!

Sorry to be a few days past the beginning of the New Year ...

But here are the header and calendar pages for the FLAIR PsychFLAIRopy Calendar from 1971 -- whose days match 2021.
The image above celebrates "Deb's Birthday!"  I can't tell you WHICH" Deb" I mean.  I could name two candidates, but do they WANT to be named?
If you prefer blissful ignorance, then use the ABOVE "cleaned-up" page.  If you're the "Deb" whose birthday is January 23rd, let me know!

See you on Thursday, fellow voyagers in to the future!
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