Monday, April 02, 2018

A Vitruvian Supergirl

            Once, when surveying the glorious cover of Action Comics #373, cover-dated March, 1969, I made a mental connection between Curt Swan’s rendition of a joyous Supergirl (inked by Neal Adams) with da Vinci’s famed Vitruvian Man.

            I’m not the only person to combine the concept with superheroes:

            ... or fan art:

... So, I decided to attempt a Vitruvian Supergirl, based on the Action 373 cover art.

            For the arms and legs, I used:

            Of course, the penciler in each case was the incomparable Curt Swan.

            Putting them together with the original, I came up with this version of the Girl of Steel:

            Now you know what people who can’t draw, do with our time ...

            See you next Monday for more APRIL  FOOLISHNESS!

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