Saturday, April 21, 2007

Guess Who's Coming to SoonerCon

He doesn't care if you come to SoonerCon bcause of him or not.

All he cares about is stopping those who knowingly break the law. That includes parking in handicapped spots, and also people who leave their handicap signs dangling when they're driving.

Throwing a cigarette butt out the window is just as bad as running over a ten-year-old on her skateboard.

When all the evildoers have been locked away permanently, he can rest ... and then hunt for some more.


Friday, April 20, 2007

OK, I Admit, I Liked It -- Mostly

Well, we saw Grindhouse this past week. I have two comments.

1) I wish that somebody had washed this script's mouth out, especially for the second part.

2) I wish that somebody had trimmed out all the unnecessary blah-blah-blah, specifically for the second part.

Other than that, the film is fun, ESPECIALLY the trailers for coming attractions.

I was bemused to see this sign in the hallway.

Hmm. Do you suppose that people go to this movie and don't understand the intentionality of the film burn, etc?

Of course, I suppose that some ungracious souls might say the same about my reaction to all the $%#%$&% profanity, huh?
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