Thursday, January 28, 2016

MA-50 - 45s & Favorites, Disc 7 -- More Pop Music Miscellany

More proof in the wonderful cornucopia that USE TO BE pop music, before rhythms replaced melody and thought, not focus groups, produced lyrics.

Not that dreck wasn't marketed in the days of AM radio -- Sturgeon's Law is a reality of the universe -- but "way back then," even dreck was conceived and produced through a system that allowed more human fingers on every step of the process.  The human touch sometimes ennobles the basest products of work-for-hire:  Sistine Chapel, anyone?

1 -       Birthday      The Beatles / Beatles Remixers Group   (4:17)
2 -      A Song for You      Leon Russell   (4:04)
3 -      Mother Freedom      Bread   (2:33)
4 -      Wake Up Sunshine     Chicago       (2:34)
5 -      Up on Cripple Creek (live)     The Band   (4:39)
6 -       Superstar    Bette Midler (5:09)
7 - Goodbye to Love Carpenters (3:50)
8 - Smoke on the Water    Deep Purple (3:44)
9 - Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters   Elton John (4:57)
10 - How Do You Do Mouth & MacNeal (3:12)
11 - Deteriorata National Lampoon (4:25)
12 - I Love Every Little Thing About You Stevie Wonder (3:53)
13 - The Circle Game (live) Joni Mitchell (6:24)
14 - Pinball Wizard Elton John (5:12)
15 - Dog & Butterfly Heart (5:05)
16 - We Belong Together Rickie Lee Jones    (4:58)
17 - A Life of Illusion   Joe Walsh (3:28)
18 - Come Together The Beatles / Beatles Remixers Group (4:02)

The first and last tracks are wonderful alternate mashup/rearrangements of Beatles standards, making them (in the words of Dickens) "Recalled to Life."

Track 11 was conceived by the National Lampoon guys in response to the cheesy success of "The Desiderata" as a an example of the shallow public seeking non-condemnatory "deep thoughts."  Lyrics to both are given here.

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See you Monday, fellow fluke!

Monday, January 25, 2016

Star Trek Models, Instalment One Hundred or So

My friend Ed had even more Star Trek models than I did, and this is the instruction sheet from the space station used in "The Trouble with Tribbles."

 Yu can tell thjat the studio knew it had struck a (non-gravitic) gold mine when It was able to sell a model of a pie plate with arms, seen only in one episode, to those crazy kids.

This site will sell you one.  This site will give you some info and commentary.

See you Thursday!
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