Thursday, January 19, 2017

The Devil You Say!

Old Scratch, the Adversary, abounds in popular culture.  He wants to buy your soul; he sends temptations to lure you from the straight and narrow path that leads to righteousness.  In times when religious life is deemed restrictive,  That Old Serpent acts as a spirit of discord.  No matter what, as Bob Wills said, “The Devil Ain’t Lazy!”

01. The Devil Made Me Buy This Dress - Geraldine (Flip Wilson) (0:36)
02. Satan Is Her Name - Steve King (2:32)
03. Angels and Devils - Echo and the Bunnymen (4:20)
04. Dancing the Devil Away - Victor Arden and Phil Ohman and Their Orchestra (3:03)
05. Devil's Train - The Lab Rats (5:57)
06. Putting Salt on the Devil's Tail - Jack Teagarden (2:32)
07. Train to Satanville - Ruby Ann (2:43)
08. Symphony for the Devil/Sympathy for the Devil - Blood, Sweat & Tears (7:47)
09. The Devil's Right Hand - Johnny Cash (2:37)
10. Hell's Bells - Sid Peltyn and His Orchestra (2:31)
11. I Am the Red Devil - Frankie "Zeke" Hart (2:49)
12. Hellbound Train - Lita Ford (6:05)
13. The Devil's Gonna Get You - Bessie Smith (3:12)
14. Satan's Chauffeur - Jimmy Minor (1:54)
15. Satan's Got You (By the Hand) - Lenny Davis (2:24)
16. Devil's Sweetheart - Chuck Thompson and His Rock-a-Billies (2:10)
17. The Devil Ain't Lazy - Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys (2:43)
18. Sinner's Train - Art Mooney and His Orchestra (2:33)
19. Pitchfork and Shovel - Mike Yaeger (2:44)
20. Makin' Deals - The Satans (1:59)
21. The Devil's Train - Hank Williams (2:59)
22. Hellbound Train - George Thorogood and the Destroyers (4:47)
23. Hades Highway - Len Barrow (2:25)
24. The Devil - The Topics (3:26)
25. The Devil Made Me Crash My Car - Geraldine (Flip Wilson) (0:31)

Our cover image, of course, is from Devo's sneaky "Peek-a-Boo!" video. 

            Johnny Cash may have held the gun, but it was “The Devil’s Right Hand” that pulled the trigger -- at least that’s what he told the judge.

            In Cecil Campbell's Tennessee Ramblers’ “Spookie Boogie” from 1950,  it’s Satan who makes the ghosts and skeletons dance every night in the graveyard.

             Flip Wilson's Geraldine is like a lot of us, blaming the Devil for the consequences of her own actions.

            The devil may entice, but he's like the school miscreant who breaks a window and then hands you a rock, just as the principal shows up.  He's not out to help you; he's out to drag you down with him.

            I hope you have a devil of a good time with this compilation! 

MA-76 - Lucifer's Lullabies

See you on Monday!


Monday, January 16, 2017

Please Forgive This Humble Servant ...

No post today due to illness, I hope to return on  Thursday.  Your indulgence is appreciated.
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