Thursday, January 21, 2016

MA-38 - To Men of Earth

The cover art is adapted from a book of the same name by contactee Daniel W Fry.

1 -    Count Down     Casey Grams      1958
2 - Venus Rock     The Rollettes       1958
3 -    Take Me to Your Leader  The Vi-Counts   1959
4 -   Land Beyond the Moon  The Motions       1962
5 -   The Beatle Flying Saucer Ed Solomon 1964
6 - Just Beyond the Moon Tex Ritter 1967
7 - Moon Flight Vic Venus 1969
8 - Flying Saucer's Daughter Alex Harvey 1972
9 - Unfunky UFO Parliament 1975
10 - Rocket Ride   KISS 1977
11 - Another Girl Another Planet The Only Ones 1978
12 - Hangar 18 Megadeth   1990
13 - UFO Rosie Weeping Tile 1995
14 - Sky Babies The Wildhearts 1996
15 - Talkin' Alien Abduction Blues   * Dan Bern 1997
16 - The Grand Deception (Channel Zero)  * Canibus 1998
17 - Unmarked Helicopters Soul Coughing 1998
18 - Spaceship Sean Lennon 1998
19 - Poor Man's Shangri-La Ry Cooder    2005
20 - Concerning the UFO Sighting Near Highland Sufjan Stevens 2005

Here we have another planetary potpourri of attitudes towas space life, from angry to whimsical.  Have fun!

MA-38 - To Men of Earth  UPDATED 2021 LINK

 See you Monday.

Monday, January 18, 2016

OKC Memories - Lord, Teach Us to Measure Our Days

That’s a paraphrase of part of Psalms 90:12. 

            If you’ve ever been charge of a payroll department, it could be your prayer!

            Back before auto-calculations and payroll computer programs, accountants and paycheck figurers were forced to keep paper records.  Of course, in a world that ran on paper, there would have been an entire section of industry dedicated to helping the hapless tracker-of-earnings.

            Enter the Two Weekly Time Book!

            This particular volume, according to a sticker inside the cover, came from Wesbanco, an office supplier once located in downtown Oklahoma City.  According to a Google search, this concern is now part of  Southwestern Office Supplies.

            Using this handy-dandy Table of Wages, you could multiply how many hours an employee worked, times a range of hourly wages from 25¢ to the lordly sum of $1.75 -- thus coming up with their pay.

            That chart was only the opener.

            The rest of the book was for recording the work of your employees.  As indicated by the cover, a conscientious employer would use one book for each two-week period (thus guaranteeing a market for the supplier of these blank books).

            Other than the Wesbanco sticker, there’s no printer or publishing info anywhere in the book.  No dates either.  I’m guessing that this book hails from the 1940s.  Anybody a better guesser than me?  Do any of you know more?  Let me know!

            See you next time.

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