Monday, July 05, 2010

How Low Can a Superman Sink?

When last we visited the Man from Krypton, he was marooned on a red-sun world and falling into a delerium from a strange infection or flu. One of the natives has taken away his costume after giving him a good thrashing, and Superman has slunk off to wait for rescuers from Earth.

In his mental funk, he tried punching his way out of his cave shelter, only to be reawakened to reality: All he's done is torn up his knuckles.

He's been wearing his Clark Kent glasses to try and keep the blowing sand out of his eyes, but he realizes now that his rescue party from Earth might recognize him if he leaves them on. But, he's now too weak to do anything but drop down into a delerium-induced fever.

So he remains for days, until ... help arrives! Guided by Superman's automated radio-distress calls, Lois, Jimmy, and the scientist, Dr Luring, land on this faraway planet and track down Superman's sheltering cave.

But now what? Dressed only in that ratty cast-off loincloth, he thinks, "Oh-oh ... I'm sunk! Without my Superman costume, they'll recognize me at once as ... Clark Kent!"

Will they? Stay tuned for the last page of the tale!
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