Thursday, August 06, 2020

1995 - TV Guide Covers Beatles Anthology

15 years ago, TV Guide magazine was relevant to our household.

I'm so old, I remember standing in line before midnight at a Best Buy to buy the Anthology, Volume 1 CDs!  By the time the next two volumes came out, the hype was gone.

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Monday, August 03, 2020

This Is How It Happened!

With the participation of Gene Roddenberry and dozens of Star Trek staff and stars, the next two volumes in the DEFINITIVE chronicle of the history of Star Trek and its creator are available NOW!
This volume will tell you about the many abortive efforts to revive Trek (and other travails in GR's creative life).  Paramount knew it had something in Trek,but couldn't figure out how to maximize it.  Plus, GR and the stars were being factored into and out of the project so many times that this book is the vital scorecard you'll need!

You'll learn all about the "Phase II" TV series which was slated to establish Paramount as the fourth TV network.  You'll read script treatments for the series and wonder why in the world Paramount dithered.
You'll learn (nearly) more than you could want to know about the chaotic, unbelievable genesis of STAR TREK: The Motion Picture in this mighty tome.  You'll be thankful that a finished film emerged from this chaotic genesis.
Not only that, you'll get to read a chapter from moi about only SOME of the merchandising for the film, and a section I wrote on the fantabulous Jerry Goldsmith score.

My friend Marc Cushman has once again uncovered contemporaneous reviews and news coverage, and interwoven it with interviews and commentary from the stars, creators, and crew.

The best part?  I get to read it first, as book editor!

Take it from me ... you really want to learn the wonderful stories, facts, and (mostly) serious recollections which stuff these books.

See you on Thursday with something almost as exciting ...
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