Monday, April 04, 2016

Lipton Family Size Iced Tea Bags … Featuring The Beatles!

I admit it. my brain is wired weird.  It makes strange connections.  Here is one of the latest ones …

When I make a batch of tea in the microwave, I use two “family size” tea bags and two quarts of water in a Corning Ware pitcher.

Each bag is in its own little sleeve.  The back side of the sleeve looks like this:

Now, something funny happens in my brain every time I make tea, when I set the sleeves on the counter after removing the tea bags.  I glance at the tea bag sleeve …

 … and see The Beatles!

specifically, I see this:

… and I think of this:

This probably says something unsettling about my psychology, doesn’t it, Doctor?  Is this related to the fact that every time I see a wet mop, I think of Cthulhu’s face?

More oddball ramblings next Monday, campers!
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