Thursday, May 06, 2010

Oh, Just Great! What Else Can Go Wrong Today?!?
Well, it looks like a certain child star is a little bit spoiled. If you think she's crying now, wait a few years until she figures out that Mommie Dearest has snooted and drunk up all the salaries earned by Baby Darlene.
Crying kid? Enter Superman the kindly uncle! With the child actress's nurse out of commission, the Babysitter of Steel kindly agrees to sit in. Oops!
Speaking of "oops," notice the book Supes is reading from. Somehow the title of the book is on the back cover, not on the front.
And what's with the "Gloop!" anyway?
Well, what do you know? The child star becomes a five-pointed one! And look out, Superman! The head of the film crew threatens a complaint to the Director's Guild! Ooh, shaking in his boots, Superman is!
To somebody who cares about people, like our hero, this wisecrack from the director is kind of like being threatened with a parking ticket after your car explodes with your wife and child in it.
Anyway, Superman has a brainstorm and tries to reverse the effects of this "Curse of Magic" by doing what Mxy does -- saying his name backward. "Namrepus!" he shouts.
What happens? Check in next time to find out if this ploy works, or if Superman boots this whining child star into the heavens!
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