Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Part Two Begins!

...And it's called "Aviator Bob, the Chicken Eagle."

At the end of Part 1, Bob "lovable doofus" Hope had agreed to find the missing "Golden Gazelle," a statue inherited by the gorgeous Tuesday Wednesday.  Using his friend Professor Blinkly's time Machine, he has gone back in time to talk to the Gazelle's last known owner, Tuesday's grandfather -- in the middle of World War I!

After Bob faints in the gunner's seat, his lovable (and smarter) canine sidekick, Harvard Harvard III, takes over the guns and sends the three opposing Spads (or Fokkers maybe?) into twin tailspins.

But now comes the Main Event -- Baron von Fluglemop himself!  This can't be good -- not when Fluglemop's eyepatch bears a Maltese Cross.  Can't you just imagine him talking like Baron Otto Matic from the Tom Slick cartoons?

Well, evidently Bob isn't the only fighter in this match with a ringer.  The Baron has his own gunner, Herman the "German police dog"!  And boy, can he gun!

Bob's pilot, Tuesday Wednesday's grandfather, bails out after the engine is hit.  Bob and Harvard prepare to do the same, asking Grandpapa about the Gazelle.

His reponse will send them back into earlier time, for the Gazelle, Captain Wednesday tells them, previously belonged to Nigel Wednesday, who crossed the Delaware with George Washington.

Awful handy, that portable time controller.  December 26, 1776, here they go!
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