Thursday, October 21, 2021

Bite the Bullet!

When I went to see the 1985 film Silver Bullet, there was a handout.

It's a letter-size glossy piece of card stock.  This was only one of dozens of films seen at OKC's now-vanished Almonte Theatre 6.  Some my reminiscences about the place are here.

See you on Monday with another Scary Book -- more chilling because it's true!  It's all true, I tell you!

By the way, this is the 1518th post on the Super Blog.  Sorry I missed bragging about #1500!

Monday, October 18, 2021

Frankenstein Got Rivals!


The Rivals of Frankenstein:  A Gallery of Monsters.  Edited by Michael Parry.  Barnes & Noble, 1980.  Copyright 1977.

The contents are:

· Introduction - Michel Parry

· Clark Ashton Smith - The Colossus Of Ylourgne

· Arnold Harvey - The Last Of The Daubeny-Fitzalans

· Jerome K. Jerome - The Dancing Partner

· Ambrose Bierce - Moxon's Master

· Donald F. Glut - Dr. Karnstein's Creation

· Robert Bloch - Almost Human

· D. Scott-Moncrieff - Count Szolnok's Robots

· H. P. Lovecraft - Herbert West: Reanimator

· Manly Wade Wellman - Pithecanthropus Rejectus

· Fritz Leiber - The Dead Man

· Eando Binder - The Iron Man

            This is a really hotch-potch anthology, from the high fantasy of Smith to the self-indulgence of ol’ Aich-Pee Ell and the sarcasm of Jerome.  For me the high point is Leiber’s “The Dead Man,” because it was adapted as a very creepy Night Gallery segment. 

See you on Thursday with a movie handout from a classically cheesy 1980s flick!

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