Monday, April 27, 2020

Graffiti I Have Known

            Some graffiti is cleverer than others.  These are a few of the more silly or creative I’ve come across, reproduced to look something like the original.

 Madison Jr High, circa 1970:
This one was in the boys’ bathroom at the now-demolished Madison Jr High in Bartlesville, OK.
 *     *      *
Bit o’Italy, circa 1975:
Here’s an example of dialogue between two scribblers.  Yes, the would-be Lothario had indeed written this entreaty inside a stall in the men’s bathroom, hence the withering reply.

  *     *      *
Exit 222a, Tulsa, OK, circa 2000:
This call-and-reply was seen in the late 1990s at a now-gone truck stop at I-44’s Exit 222A in Tulsa, OK.

  *     *      *
I-40 West, between Shawnee and Okemah, OK:
This is one of my favorites, even though I don’t agree with the sentiment.

Well, that’s the end of the writing on the wall for this week!  AND the end of this year’s April Foolishness!  See you beginning Monday, May 4th, for the Musical Month of May, with new music compilations every Monday and Thursday!
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