Monday, January 11, 2010

Return to Lexor!

In Superman 164, we witnessed “The Showdown Between Luthor and Superman.”

Now, in Superman 168, we return to that red-sun planet whose inhabitants were saved from drought and starvation by “the noble Luthor,” as they call him.

As you can read, the inhabitants have renamed their planet Lexor, in honor of their savior. And before our story opens, Brainiac has sprung the wily criminal, who has fled to this faraway world to marshal defenses against Superman’s inevitable pursuit.

May be he can use the lost Lexorian science to give himself super-powers, hmm.

Meanwhile, Supes has landed and is trying to sneak in. Uhh, wise guy, ever think about a change of clothes? But then the wise guy couldn’t take the place of his own statue …

When the live statue has been re-parked at a big celebration set up to honor the Great Luthor, Superman waits until he’s alone, and … wait! What are these weird crystals? And why do they have a strange attraction for the now-human Man of Steel?

Drat! just as Supes decides to scoop these crystals into a convenient satchel, Ardora, Luthor’s would-be squeeze, shows up.

Somehow, Superman gets away, necessitating the cover image of a Super-Luthor using X-ray vision to track down “the evil Superman.”

Well, all is well on Lexor now. Superman is in the pokey, and the Great Luthor has saved the day under his new secret identity, the super-powered Defender.

But what’s this!?! The wily Kryptonian makes a jailbreak! Once again he shows his science smarts by reprogramming his robot guard to snag back those mysterious crystals. And when the robot gives Superman the crystals at his spaceship, the Defender arrives to nab him again!

And finally, at gunpoint, Superman tries to explain why he stole the crystals in the first place.

It seems the crystals are pretty, but emanate a power that dumbs down the brain after long contact (kind of like a chick flick). Luthor examines the crystals himself with his super-vision powers and *gasp* is forced to agree.

So he lets Superman go, for now …

Next week: Part Two of this wild tale (or should we say, Wild West Tale?)
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