Monday, February 27, 2017

Super Clothes #1

Here are the results of a couple of decades of poking around in thrift stores for PJs and other clothing items that I could force my kids to wear, while they were too little to know any better.

We’ll start with a few distaff outfits.

The Wonder Woman onesie in the middle is from the clothing line “SuperGirl”, and is for a large infant, “24-28 lbs.”

This cute pink terrycloth sundress is size 3T and comes with matching panties.

This is the top to a PJ set.  Although we don’t have the pants, it might make a fine solo top, yes?  This is a fine riff on the 1980s Supergirl. 

 The art is adapted from a piece by Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez’s 1982 stylesheet for DC.

This size 6 Supergirl is by Wormser, and has a button-on cape, not the preferred Velcro.  It’s also a costume, not strictly a PJs set.  However, it IS labeled “Supergirl,” not “man.”

See you next Monday, Super Friends!
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