Friday, October 24, 2008

External links for USNW

Here are Photobucket links for the individual pages of the 1973 US News & World Report about some of our American soldiers' battles against their foes.

Thanks, and back to Halloween on Monday!

This Is Halloween! (a bit)

Here is the cover of a 1991 official "Universal Monsters" coloring book.

This was before the finalization of the stars' heirs' legal tangles over the images of their parents, etc, in character makeup. That's why the paid-by-the-cover artist was doubtless directed to make sure that the characters don't identifiably match up with any of the actor(s) who may have played the various characters.

Get ready for the fun and thrills of Halloween!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Back Side

Welcome to Photobucket?

Well, here are some 1990s Superman valentines.

This is my first attempt to join the good ol' third-party-hosting bandwagon. Here goes!
Thanks, and see you again soon.
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