Friday, April 29, 2011

Buying No More Superman Comics

Well, you might not have know this but I have been buying comics even nowadays, basically the DC-Superman lines.

Action Comics #900 is the last comic book I plan on buying for a while.  Because Superman renouncing his US citizenship is something I don't like.  That is, I don't like the editorial policy reflected here.  That's the "Blame America First" policy, if you didn't know.

The basic values of Truth, Justice, and the America Way are the best goals of any country.  While there is a heck of a lot wrong with some of the things around here, the only worse country is ALL THE REST OF THEM.

Superman, as a comics/cultural character, will always be American, in the best sense.  It's a shame that his creators seem to be focusing on America's failures and not using Superman as a tool to point them out, while believing that we can be better if we only LIVE UP to our ideals, like fair play and personal responsibility.

Saying, "I'm going to take my cape and run away" is NOT the Superman who, like Abraham Lincoln, "belongs to the ages."

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Strange Critters

Here we have a small assortment of books dealing with Alien Animals.
Clark & Coleman have produced a couple of books.  Usually they lead around to a theory that these critters aren't run-of-the-mill flesh and blood animals that are always here.  The beasties are examples of bleedover from another realm whose manifestations here, on OUR plane, have a supernatural appearance.

In this book, Holiday likes to find older antecedents comparable to today's reports.

Warren Smith, a pseudonymous author, jumps right into the mystical realms, asking breathlessly "Coud it be???" that so-and-so could be true.

This other book by Holiday, specifically about Nessie, says that she really exists, but is also a "magickal" creature from the Goblin Realms.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Goin' Fission! - a new compilation

With great power comes great responsibility. With atomic power comes greater responsibility. No one can predict an earthquake and tsunami is going to wipe out your reactors. And if such a thing happens, then there are plenty of doom-sayers who are going to crow, "I told you something bad was going to happen."

Well, some of these people are crooning in tune, and you can listen to them here in this latest compilation of mine.

Here are the songs:

1 Jesus Is the First Line of Defense Pilgrim Travellers 1951
2 Atomic Kisses Earney Vandagriff 1955
3 Hydrogen Bomb The Laurels 1961
4 The War Drags On Mick Softley 1965
5 Atom and Evil General Electric 1966
6 Please Don't Drop That H-Bomb on Me Country Joe & The Fish 1967
7 Wooden Ships Jefferson Airplane 1969
8 Political Science Randy Newman 1972
9 Nuclear Babies Oingo Boingo 1980
10 Let's All Make a Bomb Heaven 17 1981
11 Run Like a Villain Iggy Pop 1982
12 World Suicide Defuser 1983
13 Uranium Rock The Cramps 1983
14 Surfin' USSR Ray Stevens 1988
15 The Bomb Lifesavers Underground 1992
16 Atomic Power Uncle Tupelo 1994
17 The Bomb Inside the Bomb We Are Scientists 2002
18 Nuclear Blues Frances Plante-Scott 2004
19 Bomb.Repeat.Bomb.1954 Ted Leo and the Pharmacists 2007
20 Atomic Bomb Brian Butler 2008
21 Atom and Evil song Heaven and Hell 2009
22 Atom Bomb Blues The Naptown Jug Busters 2009

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