Monday, January 20, 2014

An Ad and a Complication for Lois

In these next two pages from Lois Lane #59, we have an ad and the penultimate page of our palpitatin' potboiler (imagine that phrase being spoken by Sylvester the Cat).

"DRONES AHOY!"  That's what YOUR friends will say when you buzz-bomb their treehouse with your new AMF P26 Pursuit Plane!  With its automatic-starter AMF Wen-Mac gas engine, you'll be snagging the pigtails of your pesky little sister in no time!  And won't Dad chuckle when you fly this little champion onto the backyard cocktail table and knock the beer into his lap!  What great clean fun you'll have!

MEANWHILE, BACK AT OUR STORY ... Lois has succeeded in killing Superman and getting Lana Lang electrocuted for the crime.  Now she goes back to her everyday life by lunching with kid sister Lucy. 

The milk at the table somehow brings her to her senses ... Oh, yeah ... the helpful aliens and their invulnerability serum to be used as a tool to win Superman's heart ... the aliens' warning to drink a glass of milk every day to forestall certain "side-effects" of the serum ...

So in a fit of atonement-seeking, Lois confesses and proves part of her story.  Then, not only can she NOT be killed, society (a grand jury) decides not to execute her for her double murders, anyway!

She'll have to live her invulnerable life knowing she is a vicious, murderous hag.  Don;t you love the little girl in the bottom-right corner of the lower left panel?  Nyah-nyah-nyah, mean lady!

In the final panel we start to get the ol' swirling-stars, dizzy routine.  Hmmm, something must be up.  We know it's serious, because Lois's eyes are crossed.

Come back Wednesday afternoon for the wrap-up of this tale of deception and murder (wait, or was that the CLOVERLEAF SCENARIO from Roger Rabbit?!?)

Stay tuned, readers!

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