Thursday, December 10, 2020

The Rest of the VOYAGE Is Available on Amazon!

Yes, ​Irwin Allen's Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea: The Authorized Biography of a Classic Sci-Fi Series, Volume Two is available on Amazon, if you haven’t yet ordered a Cushman-signed copy from The Jacobs/Brown website. 

Volume 1 briefly covered Irwin Allen’s early career, leading into the development and production of Voyage. Season One of the series is covered in depth.

Volume 2 completes the tale, beginning with Season Two through the end of the voyage. You’ll learn each episode’s story and script development, casting, (sometimes cheesy) special effects, broadcast, and you’ll read contemporary views on the series and its cast and crew.

Just as Volume 1 contained a bonus chapter on “The Composers of Voyage,” Volume 2 wraps up with “Voyage to the Toy Store,” a survey of show-related tie-ins from toys and lunchboxes to books and trading cards. Also featured is Gold Key’s 16-issue comic-book series, with synopses and covers.

To complete your journey to adventure on the Seaview, you’ll need Volume 2!

See you Monday, fellow voyagers!

Monday, December 07, 2020

A Dusty Christmas Present

On Christmas Day, in 1977, I was 21.  And my folks knew I loved Star Trek.
So it was only logical to give me this towel.  Of course this is an imaginary scene; the (TV) Enterprise never slapped around a Klingon ship in this fashion.

Forty-some years later, the towel is still in fine fettle, though unused.
It adorns one of the walls in the Fortress of Markitude.

Have you any 40+-year-old Christmas treasures?
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