Saturday, January 02, 2010

Have a Monstrous New Year!

OK, here is one cool monkey man. This is one of my older brother's models, of which nothing remains but the instruction sheet.
If you read the text legend of the model sheet, there are a couple of interesting things to notice. One is that none of the (human) characters is named. Only Kong seems to deserve a moniker.
Another thing that's a little odd is how the text seems to say that Kong himself is millions of years old! Say what?!?
Well, in the new year I hope to share lots of old Super-Tales and be no more silly than in the past (good luck with that one!).
And please to comment with your own memories, if you wish!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Good News: The Beatles Boxed Set!

What a wonderful Christmas present from my wife and kids!

I'm halfway through the White Album and have heard several things that *maybe* I hadn't heard before -- or maybe hadn't been paying attention! But it all sounds "pretty darn good."

The bad news: somebody at Apple can't spell! The song is called "For You Blue." I don't think Harrison was playing golf when he wrote it.

More in a few days ...
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