Tuesday, June 29, 2010

More Ironic Super-Powered Memories


Alanis Morissette would have had a field day by now.
Superman, having been stripped of his powers (by the red sun) and stripped of his costume (by a big hulking troglodyte), has taken refuge in a cave not far from the natives' village.
It's also not far from the research package that got him into this predicament. Him and his ding-dang willingness to help deliver this radio-controlled package of experiments by Super-Shuttle. Little did anybody know that the reason for this sun's strange attributes was, it likes to turn RED once in a while.
Now Superman knows, and he hopes that the changes he made to the package's radio sender allowed a morse-coded "SOS" to reach to Earth. All he can do is sit tight in his cave and hope.
As he digs for water, his memories flash back to other times when his super-abilities allowed him to easily bring water to millions at a time through Super-Irrigation. As he forages for berries, he remembers past times as a Super-Errand Boy of food and other aid packages.
Oh, great! now he's come down with some kind of alien flu bug that's making him hallucinate. And he's getting shaggy as his hair and beard begin to grow out. And, Supes old buddy, never try to punch your way through a stone wall when you're on a Red-Sun world. Ouch!
What's next? The last page of our tale from Superman 171 next time!
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