Thursday, September 17, 2020

From "The Book of Nescafehiah"

In 1980 I was working for the Southwest Radio Church, which still exists today.

I was editing, proofing, and sometimes writing feature-type articles for them.

I got a sad reminder of the fallibility of human nature when I noticed small disagreements turn into backbiting behind-the-back phone calls, and such.  My separation after six months was due to one of my own faults.

One of the minor controversies involved the break area, and how folks would use a (metal) spoon for stirring their drink, then dip the wet spoon into sugar or powdered creamer, etc.  You ended up with an encrusted spoon and stuff in your drink from the encrustation.

Since SWRC also had a typesetting typewriter, I occupied myself one day making a bit of scripture applicable to the situation.

Get it?  NescafĂ© -- Nescafehiah?  You'll also notice that Chapter 1, verse 8, has a typo.  Instead of "and in labour they shall skim it," it says "it labour."  So much for inerrancy!

And Chapter 2, verse 2 features a phonetic transcription of the initials SWRC. 

So keep your spoons clean, and check back in on Monday.  See you then!

Monday, September 14, 2020

Save Me, Zeitgeist!

From the March, 2002 issue of Vanity Fair magazine, it's a column from their "cultural critic," James Wolcott.

Everything's in black-and-white because this is a photocopy of the article.  The stretches of lost time forbid me from relating why I ain't got the original pages.

Some people like the idea of Jerry Seinfeld piggybacking on Our Hero.  Not me.  Nothing about the alleged comic is entertaining in my opinion.  But this is America!  You can think different!  Hooray!

See you on Thursday.  Who knows?  Maybe you'll agree with me then ...
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