Monday, April 16, 2012

Psst! Want to Know What THEY Don't Want You to Know?

Well, you came to the wrong place.  The only things you'll learn from these books is breathless fourth-hand stories of something that somebody three times removed said they heard about from somebody they can't name.

You see, the government knows all about it.  The aliens have made a deal with the government.  The government lets the aliens take and experiment on us and the aliens in return are supposed to give the government new, advanced technologies.

Only problem is, those sneaky aliens have gone back on their word and have started kidnaping a lot more of us than was originally agreed.

Most of these experiments happen in these underground installations, you see, which were originally intended for human use but have been mostly taken over by these alien critters with big eyes and scalpels.

And if you believe things like that, then you probably believe things like Masons running the world and crystals from Atlantis.

All this stuff is pathetic and silly, folks.  The only documented alien stranger to this Earth is due back soon.  We celebrated his Resurrection a couple of weeks ago.

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