Friday, March 07, 2008

Welcome to Her World, Won't You Stick Around?

Here is the play area of Wonder Woman's Colorforms Playset.

As you can tell, it's set on Paradise Island. For Zeus's sake, let's hope that the Invisible Airplane is supposed to be in the background far away, and not zooming through this clearing.

The only two character pieces that survived for me to buy were a generic Bad Guy, and a very -- um, athletic -- Wonder Woman.

Either Wonder Woman is swinging down from a tree branch like a gymnast making a high dismount, or perhaps she's in the middle of a forward somersault off an unseen trampoline?

Doesn't the Bad Guy look kind of like Bruce Lee? Maybe this set originally featured Wonder Woman and Kato teaming up against somebody else!
On second thought, given the expression on her face, maybe Princess Dianna slipped on a banana peel?

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Now, This Is a Heroic-Looking Wonder Woman!

Here we have a (cleaned-up) Colorforms box for a Wonder Woman playset.

The actual box is bent and banged up with a price written on it. I've tried to freshen up the lady's looks a bit.

This depiction of the Amazonian Wonder looks like a fine role model for eight-year-olds, I must say.

Our next post will reveal the sticky play surface and a couple of players in this world of good-vs-evil.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Revised and Expanded (Kind of Like My Waistline)

Yesterday we saw the 1st printing of Larry Nemecek's TNG Companion.

Nowadays the version for sale is updated to include the end of the TNG series and info from Star Trek: Generations.

Now, don't blame the reporter for the lameness of some of his subject matter (the aforementioned Star Trek Hibernation film).

Guess what! There's a new 8-disc Superman soundtrack out there! Glimpses of THAT for tomorrow.

Monday, March 03, 2008

A Trek Fan Turns Pro!

Beginning with TNG-1, my friend Larry Nemecek had been tracking every arcane reference in Star Trek: The Next Generation. Every name and reference. Freeze-framing (on videotape that is) to read display screens. All that good stuff.

And, helpful guy that he is, when he finished a volume, he made sure to send a copy to the TNG staffers at Paramount, in tribute.

How thrilled he was to hear that the writing staff was actually USING his reference collection, because it was more organized than their own notes!

After all, as a journalist at the Norman, OK Transcript, he knew a thing or two about note-taking!

Well, time passed, and Larry earned a "pro" contract with Pocket Books to meld together his entire TNG series.

Here's the first printing. Also I blushingly present the Acknowledgments page, wherein ThunderChief thanks yours truly and another pair of STAR OKC compadres, the sweet and wonderful (and prickly) Mike and Tamara Hodge.

We helped him out a little bit.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

How Can He Be a Captain, He Doesn't Have a Ship!?

Yes, these were some of the comments about Star Trek: Deep Space Nine when Larry Nemecek covered the second season in DS9-2 .

Alas, while Paramount "bit" onto Larry's research for his TNG s and gave him a contract for a "pro" book about that series, he did not get a similar offer for his DS9 concordances.
We'll look at those pro books in a day or so.

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