Monday, April 06, 2020

Superman Goes to Pieces!

Yes, campers, in the November 1969 issue of World’s Finest, Superman’s filleted and auctioned off, bit by bit, to the highest criminal bidder!

This dramatic cover art by Curt Swan is ein bitschen deceitful.  Actually, Batman is behind the scheme to entrap a bunch of baddies by offering piecemeal Kryptonian parts.

The splash page intimates that even Robin isn’t in on the (obvious) deceit.

So after Supes supposedly croaks, Lex Luthor opens the bidding, having stolen “the body.”

Just think about this.  What good are super-ears if your brain and nerve endings aren’t set up to decode super-hearing?  And how will super hands give super-strength, if attached to ordinary human arms?  The mind boggles at how stupid either the story writer is, or the criminals in the story.

And, a few weeks later ... I ask you:  Would super lungs in a normal human body be likely to give super-breath, or perhaps simply explode the very mortal body which housed them? -- And so on ...

You ask, what happened next?

Oh no ... go buy the comic and find out for yourself, the ending of this stupefyingly boneheaded tale.

See you next time!
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