Thursday, January 14, 2021

The Latest Phone Tech!

These are actual ads from the National Lampoon.
The above is from April, 1976.  Yes, the price is four hundred bucks.

Note the Porta-Phone's 15-year "useful life," which would take us to the year 1991.  Since the first cell-phone call took place in 1990, this wasn't a bad "useful life."
From much later -- the November-December 1989 NatLamp -- we've got a fake for those who can't wait!  Of course, I read this ad and wonder how many cars were broken into because some miscreant thought this fake was the real thing.  You thought you'd impress the neighbors, but the neighbor kid smashed your car window to steal the thing!  I bet replacing your glass cost a lot more than what you spent to make everyone think you've installed an expensive cellular phone in your vehicle!

See you on Monday!

Monday, January 11, 2021

Everyone's Excited About the SUPERGIRL Movie!

Here's coverage from the October 1, 1984 Amazing Heroes.

Look at the photo on the last page.  Wasn't Helen Slater great for this role?  IMO she did a wonderful job of conveying the semi-innocence of Kara the stranger to Earth, and the resolute-yet-inexperienced Supergirl.

It just really stinks that the Supergirl movie which was made ... STINKS.  Faye Dunaway's acting was atrocious and campy, and the whole "mean wizard lady" storyline was el stupido to the MAX.

They should have had the mysterious power orb be a strange power source for which the nations of the Earth were squaring off.  Supergirl could have been arguing with a young male scientist for its acquisition.  Then the orb could start warping reality, forcing  a quest by Kara through the Phantom Zone.

Or ANYTHING but Brenda Vaccaro and Faye Dunaway (and Peter Cook was pretty vomitous too).

See you on Thursday, super guys and gals!
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