Thursday, June 02, 2016

MA-65 - Space Race

Well, who made it?  Who was the winner of the Space Race?  The guys with the starred sleeves were first into the pool, but the guy bearing the stars'n'bars made it to the other side first!

1      Sputnik Announcement      USSR Radio   (0:18)          1957
2      Rice University Space Speech (edit)      President John F Kennedy    (1:45)         1962
3      Sputnik Baby      Roosevelt Sykes  (2:21)          1957
4      Space Race     Allen Bradley Quintet (2:31) 1958
5 Ghost Satellite Bob & Jerry (1:52) 1958
6 Sputnik #3 Buel Moore & The Garnets (2:03) 1958
7 Super Sonic Marty Wilson & The Strat-O-Lites (2:27) 1958
8 I'm on This Rocket Marvin Moore (1:27) 1958
9 Able & Baker Gene & Al with The SpaceMonks (2:42) 1959
10 Rockin' Satellite Ray Sawyer (2:10) 1960
11 Man in Orbit Space Man (2:11) 1961
12 Happy Blues for John Glenn Lightnin’ Hopkins (5:20) 1962
13 Mister Glenn Little Willie John (3:05) 1962
14 Space Walk Roger Booth and The Escorts (2:14) 1965
15 Armstrong John Stewart (2:40) 1969
16 The Battle of the Moon Sonny Hall (1:42) 1969
17 Armstrong, Aldrin and Collins The Byrds (1:51) 1969
18 The First Step on the Moon The Cape Kennedy Construction Company (4:35) 1969
19 The Walk of Ed White Up with People (4:50) 1969
20 Footprints on the Moon Judy Lynn (3:27) 1973
21 Ride, Sally, Ride Casse Culver (3:32) 1983
22 Tranquility Base Planet P Project (1:55) 1983
23 Countdown Rush (5:50) 1983
24 Flying for Me John Denver (4:38) 1987
25 Fire in the Sky Jordin Kare (4:38) 1991
26 My Dog Is an Astronaut Though Pond (3:52) 1997
27 Bless Thou the Astronauts Hastings College Choir (2:56) 2010

Have fun with these boisterous, silly, and/or solemn paeans to the Great Space Race

MA-65 - Space Race

See you Monday with a reminiscence from 1972.

Monday, May 30, 2016

Star Trek Models and Do-It-Youself Props

In the past I've shared  the instructions and decal sheets from the AMT models for Original Star Trek models.

Printed on the instructions sheet would be an ad for a "Star Trek Jacket," which impoverished me would ignore.

Well, evidently SOME people bought one, because now that eight-dollar jacket is going for two hundred bucks!

 *     *      *     *     *    *
On another nerdy fan note, along with the STAR TREK: The Motion Picture costumes my lovely wife made for me, I cobbled together a few add-ons.

 In the movie, Starfleet had wrist communicators.

And each crewmember's uniform contained a perscan, that funny belt buckle which actually was a biometric analyzer.

Meanwhile in STAR TREK II, the uniforms changed, and they had belt buckles with the Starfleet insignia.
So, for my STTMP and STII imitations, here are my rough-and-ready stand-ins:

Not Hollywood quality, but not bad considering they were assembled from leftover car-model parts, cup holders, cassette boxes, and watch straps.  Oh, and LOTS of Testor's model glue.  And considering they arose from comic-book-adaptation art, and memories of a twice-seen film and the random publicity photo in STARLOG magazine.

See you Thursday!
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