Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Superman (Doesn't) Make It Rain on Their Parade

Oh, come on, now! Even a cheerful "Good Morning!" backfires on the hapless Man of Steel.
Note the doll the child actress is carrying. Artist Curt Swan is very careful to dress the doll in a British Colonial uniform, which makes sense since this film is being lensed on location in India.
Surely the child's name, Darlene Curtis, CAN'T be a play on the name of our penciller, Darling Curtis -- or can it?
Once again the Action Ace improvises a solution to the quandary he inadvertently caused. Now, anybody could freeze a lake and melt it above the film crew (as in Superman III). As Superboy, Superman made a giant rubber hose from waste tires to channel a river to his whim. But now we're getting fancy!
A giant atomizer to spritz the water over the film scene! That's too much, baby!
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